Teresa Mitts

"Omg thank you Ashley for helping me get my eviction removed! I can finally rent a decent apartment in a better neighborhood for me and my ids. Homeowner is next!

Ke'Asia Stephens

"Ashley is very professional and know what she is doing. She has helped my credit score boost up a lot and I am thankful for all of her help.

Summer Key

"A3 Company is more than just restoring your credit. The owner has taught me so much. She literally puts her heart and soul into helping you. She's so selfless and truly wants to help others. She's also educated me on so much that I will always carry with me even after my services with her are complete about credit. After 1 month of her asistance and services, my credit scores jumped over 100+ points in 30 days. After trying to learn myself, I was ready to give up on fixing my credit. She gave me hope, knowledge, and the confidence that it could be done! Best decision I made! And I'm on the yellow brick road to becoming a homeowner THIS YEAR! I highly recommend!